Event Review – DragonCon 2018

So DragonCon 2018 has come and gone and I have learned more about what what I do, and I want to share. DragonCon is an extremely large convention that is held in Atlanta every Labor Day weekend. This convention is huge and there is a ton of great things going on. As an artist there is a certain amount of prestige that goes along with doing this show. DragonCon artists are invited as guests or selected to be part of the show, it is not like most where you pay to play. So, in my eyes, being selected is an honor and for the past two years I have been lucky enough to be part of this amazing show.


DragonCon is not as celebrity heavy as San Diego Comic Con and there are no huge movie announcements or trailer dropped, this show has become a cosplay and party heavy show. Focus on the magic of comic books is fading from the show and with that less and less people find their way to the artist alley. There are 3 full floors of vendors selling everything under the sun and the masses have to work their way to the fourth floor to find the artist alley. Fingers crossed that they still have money.

I do love doing this show, I get a chance to see folks that I don’t normally see and I get to see some really great cosplays.



Last year I bought an artist table for $300. The table was was cramped and very claustrophobic. There is barely any room to have a set up. I figured that since I did so well the first year I would buy myself the $600 booth this year. I would have 10 square feet all to myself.

Well I guess I got too big for my britches because this year I lost money. I made less money this year than I did the first year. So my booth was $600 and I paid $90 to park over the weekend and who knows what I spend on getting supplies ready for the show, I did not make enough money to cover those costs this year. Bummer. I am not sure if my placement on the floor played a factor or the fact that the artists were moved from the 3rd to the 4th floor, whatever happened this show was very financially disappointing.  Next  year you will be able to find me at an artist table.


I have been slowly working my way out of fan art to try and establish myself as a creator. I stopped doing the grid wall of fan art and started using both my banners that showcase my name. Long story short, I will be going back to being a faceless fan artist because I need the money. My goal is create Year Zero the comic book and the only way I can afford to do that is by paying the bills with fan art. So until I have created a body of work that garners mass respect I will continue to sling fan art and create comics.

I just have to keep trying things out and making adjustments. Lets STAY CREATIVE!

Take a look at all the photos I took here.


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