Appearance – Hellions Podcast

In mid August 2018 I was invited to be a guest on the Hellions podcast which is hosted and by the Atlanta artist know as sQuishiepuss. This is a casual podcast with no real form we just talk about how we feel about art and how we go about trying to grow our brand. I honestly think I asked him as many questions as he asked me, because I also want to learn more about how to get to the next level.

I think that if you make it through the whole hour and a half podcast you will learn more about how we both have gotten to where we are and some of the pit falls. I just hope that I have shared something that will help someone out.

At the time of this posting this is only available on YouTube but I am sure he will upload to iTunes, SoundCloud and PlayerFM later.

Here is the FaceBook for sQuishiepuss.


I had a great time and wish I could do it more often. I hope you enjoy it.


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