Bryan SilverBaX has been designing t-shirts since 2014, with designs that have be featured on many “Shirt 0f the Day” websites. Bryan creates art using both traditional and digital means. He has been known to use a hybrid style that combines a tradition drawing with digital polish. For the most part Bryan uses the following software: Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. As a student of art he is always learning new programs, techniques and ways to create art.

Professional Sketch Cards

As a sketch card artist Bryan has professionally worked on more than 10 card sets.Bryan SilverBax has worked with some of the more well known companies in the trading card field including Upper Deck and Topps. These sketch cards measure 2.5 by 3.5 inches and feature property labeling as well as Bryan’s original artistic compilation. These cards are usually completed with Micron liner pens and Prismacolor markers.

Personal Sketch Cards

Bryan also creates personal sketch cards that focus on an array of different interests. These sketch cards measure 2.5 by 3.5 inches and are usually completed with Micron liner pens and Prismacolor markers.

Traditional Pencil Work

When Bryan creates some of his comic book style art he uses a blue sketch pencil and a 0.03 mm mechanical pencil. When Bryan is creating for comic books he uses 11×17 Bristol boards. Once he is finished he can either choose to ink the art with liner and brush pens or he can scan it and do digital ink in Clip Studio Paint.

Full Color Comic Style Illustration

Using a combination of of practical and digital Bryan creates his own comic book styled art. Some of the work is for comic books and others may be pin up art. The following examples show Bryan’s fully rendered art with his own coloring work.

Digital Coloring

While Bryan usually colors his own work some fellow artist have reached out to have him color their art work. Bryan is new to the coloring field and has plenty of room to grow, but in the meantime collaboration art is always fun.

Vector Art

Bryan uses Adobe Illustrator to create vector. Vector art helps ensure consistent line weight (thickness) and perfect shapes; this makes for a very clean design. Vector art is great for creating logos, typography, and anything that needs to look super clean. Vector art also has the ability to be resized with out losing any quality. Bryan uses vector art to create all his logos and cartoonish designs.

Screen Printable Designs

Bryan mostly uses Adobe Photoshop to created layered screen printable designs. Bryan takes his line art and within Photoshop creates the color layers that will be needed to create a successful print. When screen printing the colors must remain on their separate layers; designing in this manner takes some forethought and plenty of patients. When looking at the following samples please keep in mind that there are no more than 6 colors being used.