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Movie Review - The Package - Bryan SilverBaX

Movie Review – The Package

Review of the movie The Package. Overall this is what you think it is, a rated R teen comedy. To be fair I am not the demographic for this film but as a fan of the original American Pie films and many other outrageous teen comedies I wanted to give this a chance. I really thought it would be good because the team from Workoholics was behind this but I was not impressed. This movie was not terrible but it did not come close to how I feel about Road Trip and the Pie films.

Plot and spoilers to follow.

We follow three high school males and tow females on their annual trip to the woods for spring break. The plan for them to drink and have fun comes to a halt when one of the guy’s gets his penis cut off. The guy is airlifted without his member and the movie follows the rest of the group as they try to get their friend his missing piece. There is plenty of cussing along with tons of jokes that could only be done with a severed penis. To be fair there were a couple of funny jokes. There are plenty of funny moments and situations, and you know there has to be some love stories. I really think this was just a movie created around the idea of a severed penis and what jokes would be funny. Oh yeah and then we can set in a teenage world, not very original. This movie was not a complete waste of time but there is no need to go out of your way to this one.


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