Movie Review – The Meg

Movie review of The Meg. Overall I would say that this was just okay. This movie is not the next Jaws, it is not close to a horror movie, and it is not a thriller; it is laid out like an action movie. The only way to have any fun with this movie id to go in knowing that it is just ridiculous. I watched just to see how they could have made a whole movie about Jason Statham vs. a dino-shark. It was enough to keep me watching until the end but not impressed.

Plot and spoilers to follow.

The movie starts with a deep diving rescue that goes wrong, fast forward to a new rescue that needs to happen and there is only one man for the job and he swore never to it again. HA. That set up reminded me of a lot of old 80’s action movies and it was laughable to see it again so “in your face”. There is nothing new here as far as plot goes. They escape the rescue and release the dino-shark into regular waters. Now, even though the rescue is over the group of scientists feel the need to protect the rest of the world from the beast, on their own! Rainn Wilson pays a great greedy CEO of the company funding the team and is the highlight (if there is one). Ruby Rose is very attractive but in this film you has a permanent scowl on her face that feels kinda weird. The real funny comes from Page Kennedy playing the most grounded character in the whole movie. At the end of the movie the beast gets killed, some of the main crew die and Jason Statham lives to fight another day.



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