Movie Review – Life After Beth

Movie review for Life After Beth, only on Netflix I think. I saw the trailer for this movie and noticed a lot of faces that I have grown to like seeing in films, and the fact that it looked like an off beat comedy about zombies…I had to watch this. This movie was very hard to predict, one moment it feels like it could be love movie and the next you are asking yourself if it is gonna turn into a horror flick. The idea of not knowing what is going to happen and a great cast means I wanted to have a great time. Aside from the unfulfilling ending this was a fun movie. If you like Shaun of the Dead and Santa Clarita Diet then you may like this movie.

Plot and spoilers to follow.

So Aubrey Plaza (Beth) plays a girl that has died but comes back from the dead to live with her parents, and she doesn’t know that she died. Beth’s boyfriend was very upset about the death and once he finds out she is back we wants to live it up, but something is different. Beth has weird and violent mood swings and now the zombie stuff starts. As it turns out the whole town is now having a zombie problem. This movie has several funny moments and the whole cast is great, although I would like to see Aubrey Plaza play something different from the same type of weirdo she always plays. This movie was fun but the ending was a let down.


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