Call to Action – Coloring Book

  I am part of a Facebook group that really love comics book and love help those around them. The group is called Making Comic Book Collection Fun Again, and they have put together an all ages coloring book of fan art created by the groups members. This coloring was created to help introduce younger

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Event Review – DragonCon 2018

So DragonCon 2018 has come and gone and I have learned more about what what I do, and I want to share. DragonCon is an extremely large convention that is held in Atlanta every Labor Day weekend. This convention is huge and there is a ton of great things going on. As an artist there

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Appearance – DragonCon 2018

2018 marks the second year I will appear at DragonCon in Atlanta Georgia. This convention is four days of geeky greatness and uses five different hotels and buildings. I will not list all the great stuff that happens this weekend but it is the biggest event I attend in the year. It starts on Friday

Appearance – DragonCon 2018 2018-08-30T06:05:00-04:00

Event Review – Summer Slam 2018

Review and recap of the WWE event Summer Slam 2018. This was a 4 hours show that is the sister show to Wrestlemainia. I will only be talking about the main card items here because I could not to 6+ hours of scripted dialogue that was meant to sound sincere. I feel that is was

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Movie Review – Life After Beth

Movie review for Life After Beth, only on Netflix I think. I saw the trailer for this movie and noticed a lot of faces that I have grown to like seeing in films, and the fact that it looked like an off beat comedy about zombies...I had to watch this. This movie was very hard

Movie Review – Life After Beth 2018-08-23T12:40:06-04:00

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