Movie Review – White Boy Rick

Review of the movie White Boy Rick. This movie is not my cup of tea, in fact I am not sure if it is tea… it could be a cup of watered down poo. This movie was so slow and boring I got tired or waiting for it to pick up so I walked out. I asked if I could go to a different movie but they said it had been 50 minutes and I could not change. I tried to explain that 30 of those 50 minutes was me crossing my fingers and hoping the movie introduces just one reason to finish, as it turns out that reason would be not losing the money I had already paid. Okay, so onto the movie. in 1984 he only white boy in Detroit was this dude and he did shady stuff with his dad that gangsters liked. The boy becomes the gangs token white guy and then the police and FBI use the boy to get dirt on the gang. No paperwork, no permission slip…. a 14 year old boy is given money and drug by the FBI!  OMG. I know this movie is based on real life but damn.

This movie had no action, and just never picked up. They really never offered me any reason to care. The kid look dirty and his “mustache” was a huge eye sore. There were only a hand full of lines in the movie that used proper grammar and the white boy and his family could not make up their mind if they were speaking with a redneck accent or an urban accent so they just switched back and forth from time to time.

This film wanted you to care about all the different people but they never really gave a reason to care. I don’t really know how to type the words that can reflect how I want to talk about this movie. I was bored to tears.


Plot and spoilers to follow.

The FBI gives the kid a small brick of drugs to sell so that the gang thinks he is legit, and he gets to keep the money. The FBI later get what they want and boy figures he can now be a kingpin on his own to help out his white trash father and drug addicted sister. White boy gets arrested. The FBI make a deal to him out but they do it help and he is sentenced to life…..the end.


I know this movie is based on real stuff but they could have fudged a couple of things to at least make the movie entertaining. Man this was bad. Those accents were bad. I am so pissed that this was not what I thought it was going to be, I was hoping for a Black Mass, or watered down The Departed but damn I just got a fresh piece of dog shit shoved into my face!




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