Movie Review – The Happytime Murders (2018)

Review of the movie, The Happytime Murders. For me this movie was not nearly funny as I expected it to be. Most of the funniest parts were in the trailers, but there were some funny puns and moments. This was a buddy crime drama much like Who Framed Roger Rabbit mixed with The Nice Guys. The story was pretty standard and not bad, it could have been used in a serious movie if all the over the top jokes were removed. I suggest that you lower your expectations before you watch this movie, after waiting for it on home video; there is no need to rush to the cinema to see this one.


Plot and spoilers to follow.

So this story is not super new: cop (puppet) kills an innocent person on accident while on duty and he quits the force but his services will later be needed by the police he once worked for. So in this world puppets are 2nd class citizens and live among the rest of the world, but there had only been one puppet cop and he was fired after the accidental shooting, and that caused a law to be made that no puppets could be cops. One day the puppet cast of an old television  show is being killed one by one and every time our former cop in on the scene when it happens. Now our former cop is the suspect and he will have to team up with his former human partner. That is the movie, just throw in some puppet jokes and over the cussing and BAM. Just wait to catch this movie later down the road. Not great.



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