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Movie Review - Skyscraper (2018) - Bryan SilverBaX

Movie Review – Skyscraper (2018)

Review of the movie Skyscraper, should you rent it or even watch it? For me, and those whose grew up watching the same movies I did in the 1980s, the easy answer is YES. This is not a movie that will be in your all time favorites but it does fill the void of true throwback action movie. This movie has a foreign bad, a former cop/military bad ass main character that loves his family and is still haunted by his old life. The main character finds himself fight against the odds to be the only man taking down the bad guys. You go into this movie knowing that he saves the day. This movie checks all the boxes of action movies from the 80s and 90s with one lead actor handling the business. So if you had fun watching early Arnold, Sly and JVCD movies this movie could be for you, oh yeah don’t forget Die Hard.

Personally the scenes depicted as being very high in the air bothered me because I have developed a fear of heights. I know it is a movie but I still found myself uncomfortable, and yes I used yo jump out of airplanes in the Army but that was different.


Plot and spoilers to follow.


Johnson is part of a hostage situation that doesn’t go as planned, and that leaves him emotionally scared for life as well as paraplegic. John no has a family and works in the world of high tech security . He is hired to to test the security system on the world tallest building. The building is taken over by terrorists that are owed money and information from the owner of the building. Johnson’s family was trapped in the building while he was not on scene. After the attach was public Johnson found his way back to the building, saved his family and took down the bad guys.


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