Event Review – Summer Slam 2018

Review and recap of the WWE event Summer Slam 2018. This was a 4 hours show that is the sister show to Wrestlemainia. I will only be talking about the main card items here because I could not to 6+ hours of scripted dialogue that was meant to sound sincere. I feel that is was a very well planned show, it started with a bang and then lost some steam but maintained that for the rest of the show. Pretty good WWE event as far and they go.

Results and recaps to follow.

Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler. By far this was match of the night. Seth Rollins’ ring attire looked inspired by Thanos ( I could not tell if there were stones on his one gold boot) and it did look pretty damn cool. Seth appeared to have the full backing of the crowd and he was doing moves that had not been seen before. These two guys put on a great show and you need to see it. After one heck of a great match Seth won back his championship strap.

The New Day vs. The Bludgeon Brothers. Kofi Kingston sat this one out for The New Day. This match was kind of choppy and not very exciting. There were repeated missed spots and most seemed to involve Xavier Woods. You can fast forward through this one, The New Day won by DQ but The Brothers kept the belts.

Braun Strowman vs. Kevin Owens. This match went just like expected. Owens played his coward role and Strowman just dominated this quick match. Strowman kept his contract and completely punked Owens.

Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte vs Carmella. This was a typical women’s match with all the slow spots and screaming that I have begun to expect. Being that this was a triple threat match the last 5 minutes was each lady trying to score the pin but having trouble. In the end Charlotte looked strong and was able to win belt from Carmella (which I can only hope is the last we see of Carmella in a big program). Flair winning the belt caused Becky to turn on her friend and began the start of these two feuding.

AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe. This match was given the appearance of having been personal and Joe was talking bad a AJ’s family during the whole lead up to this match. The match was fun to watch these two did a good job trying to top the opening contest, they kind of came close. The match ended with AJ getting himself disqualified with chair shots after Joe talked about going home with AJ’s wife. This could be a turning point for AJ’s character.

Daniel Bryan vs The Miz. To be honest I did not give two squirts of pee about this match, and I did not pay attention. I did see that Bryan was doing the good guy thing and winning when The Miz did the heel thing and used a foreign object to his Bryan and get the win. Woohoo.

Finn Balor vs. Baron Corbin. As I expected Finn came out in his demon make-up because he need to break the cycle of the losing. Finn made short work of Corbin and then the match was over.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Jeff Hardy. This was an okay match but the ending sequence was fun to watch. Jeff lost and Randy Orton came out to make sure that we did not forget that this match should have been a triple threat match.

Ronda Rousey vs. Alexa Bliss. This should not be a surprise because the WWE needs that have title on the waist of the female with the most world wide recognition, right? The two rolled around a bit and the Ronda won the belt.

Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar. No one believed that Brock was keeping the belt AGAIN, but what I did not expect was the match to start so strong for Roman. To add to this match Braun Strowman came out made it clear that he would be challenging the winner of the bout and watching from ringside. It was clear that Lesnar was doing the job for Roman. During the match Lesnar focused his attention of Strowman and that lead to the two getting physical outside of the ring. Since Brock needed to appear strong even in losing (because you still need to look strong while heading back into the UFC) he was pinned by Reigns while worrying about Strowman. This is the part where I was let down because I thought that Strowman was about to beat the crap out of Reigns right there, but that did not happen. It looks like Strowman will take on Reigns in a regular feud and basically waste the spirit of the Money in the Bank.

The best match of the show was the first one and nothing unpredictable happened. So yeah, it was fun but not a “must see” event.


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